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TFA Project TITANIC FREDDIE AIDS is a unique lecture created by Czech singer, Milan Satnik. It describes a parallel of two world-famous "giants", the Titanic – the unsinkable ocean ship and Freddie Mercury – the phenomenal rock legend. Milan invited Freddie Mercury's former personal assistant, Mr. Peter Freestone to this project, to tell the sad and tragic story about how the world's legend was infected with the HIV virus until the point where Freddie was dying. This project is marked "without censorship". How else to impart information about a disease that has not yet been cured and still kills.

Milan Devinne author of the project

Is a Czech singer, multi-instrumentalist, director and also active abroad. He has been working in music and culture for more than ten years. He served as director for the world tour of Australian band It's a Kind'a Magic in the US, as a musical and technical coordinator for the company of MontreuxMusic, Switzerland, where he was also invited by MontreuxMusic to perform at a memorial event for Freddie Mercury. He collaborated with the Police Symphony Orchestra in the Czech Republic. He also performed on a tour of South Africa at the turn of 2015/16. During 2017 he dedicated himself to an extravagant project called Super Heroes - Tribute to David Bowie in Berlin where the show, thanks to the appearance and color of his voice to the legendary David Bowie, brought the unique musical experience. He is selected for film side roles. His second role was in the French documentary "I betrayed Hitler" as an SS soldier, as a young German in the First Republic II and III series, you could see him in the Czech comedy Babovresky 3 and he also collaborated on the Hollywood film about Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody where his name is mentioned in the picture and also in the new Czech film What Man Desires as a part of the team of editors of Playboy magazine. He actively collaborates with The Mercury Phoenix Trust Foundation to fight AIDS. In addition, he was guest on the "CZECH STARS SINGS THE QUEEN" tour, along with Kamil Strihavka, David Kraus, Bohuš Matuš, Vlastimil Horvát, Vladimír Hron and other leading singers of the Czech music scene. At the moment he is the lead of the new musical constellation "The Ultimate Rock Show", which contains the greatest hits from the 70s - 90s. He is preparing a new musical theatre play "Interview - The Brightest Moments with Queen" along with dramaturg Miroslav Oupic, where he and Peter Freestone play a major role.

Peter Freestone cooperation

In 1977 he was working full-time in the Royal Ballet Running Wardrobe. In 1979 Freddie Mercury was a special guest at a Charity Gala with the Royal Ballet After Freddie's performance with the Royal Ballet I was invited to their party. It was here I talked to Freddie for the first time. .

"Freddie asked me what my job was, and I told him I was looking after the costumes. Two weeks later, my boss received a phone call from Freddie's manager, Paul Prenter, and asked if I would go with Queen on the next tour and take care of their costumes. I immediately accepted the offer and that started our cooperation. After two years I progressed from the wardrobe assistant for Queen to personal assistant of Freddie Mercury, because a great friendship had developed between us and Freddie needed someone to take care of him outside of Great Britain. I've been living with Freddie for 12 years every day, I've had a lot of roles; I was a chef, a waiter, a valet, a secretary, a child minder (and that child was Freddie!). I bought food and art for him, I travelled with him, experienced his achievements and helped him when he was at his worst. I saw a stream of champagne flowing but also saw him right down at the bottom. When needed, I also served as a bodyguard. In the last months of his life I was one of his nurses, I was holding his hand on his deathbed and I was undoubtedly one of his closest friends. I am one of a handful of people who were lucky to witness the birth of some of his work. From idea to execution. When creating music, it's more than just writing text and assigning a note to paper. It means much more; creating music and lyrics to make sense, and Freddie was always full of inspiration in this case. My work for Freddie Mercury ended three months after his death. It took me a few years before I managed to get back to my life. Maybe you can imagine what pain there is to lose your best friend, home and work all at once. In 1995, I decided to write a book that would describe how Freddie really was. The book was released in 1998 and is named: Freddie Mercury "The Memories of a Man Who Knew Him Best". "


Now Peter is working on three major projects in collaboration with Milan Šatník: TFA Project, the album Another Step In Time and a new play about Freddie.



We are traveling to elementary schools with this presentation. This lecture also came to audiences in Great Britain, USA and Switzerland. It has been officially supported by the City of Pardubice and the Assistance Center of Ústí nad Labem, which is involved in many educational projects for pupils of primary and secondary schools. Our program starts with an introductory video, which includes the guitarist of the band Queen, Dr. Brian May with a message for the young generation. Then continues a video that points to the strength of the giants, Titanic and Freddie Mercury. Following the video projection follows a brief history of the Titanic Steamship. Subsequently, Peter Freestone tells his story. The final video shows the parallel between how AIDS destoys and the catastrophe that ended the voyage of the Titanic, to hidden dangers many of which are unseen. The time of this presentation is adapted to just about 80 minutes. Presentations usually take place in interactive classrooms of schools, cinemas, gym rooms or cultural halls, where video and audio projection equipment is needed. Our main goal is to travel and reach out as much as possible to the general public to inform them about this dangerous illness. This project has seen by about 7,000 elementary and secondary school pupils since 2013. This project is supported by a worldwide organisation that fights illness aids THE MERCURY PHOENIX TRUST



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The Mercury Phoenix Trust was founded by Brian May, Roger Taylor and their manager Jim Beach in memory of rock band Queen’s iconic lead singer FREDDIE MERCURY who died in 1991 from AIDS.

In the last 21 years the Trust has given away over 15 million dollars in his name and funded over 700 projects in the global battle against HIV/AIDS.

We need your support to maintain our present donor level and to keep funding the desperately needed HIV/AIDS initiatives globally. Together, help us to use Freddie’s memory, his charisma and drive to eradicate this disease.




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